Spider-Man’s Deceased Girlfriend is Resurrected,Spider-Gwen Makes Her Debut

spider-gwenDo you remember Gwen Stacey? Peter Parker’s girlfriend?  After being deceased for more than 40 years, the female character has found a new resurrection in a parallel universe where she is Spider-Gwen, a female Spider-Woman with all the powers and abilities as our original web-slinger. On Earth 65, the radioactive spider bit Gwen instead of Peter. Spider-Gwen played a major role in the whole Spiderverse arc from last year. She has been a big hit with the fans. Spider-Gwen is having the same if not bigger impact that Miles Morales had when he replaced Peter Parker as Spider-Man after he died in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. Don’t be surprised if we see Spider-Gwen in the new all-female heroine group A-Force comics when they debut. Spider-Gwen #1 is available now in a comic store near you.

One comment

  1. Uh boy what a trippy cover. I barely remember Gwen Stacy. I had no idea she was dead for 40 years, but dang what a history. I guess if they can have Doc Oc inside of Spider-Man they can have her resurrected.

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