Q&A with Mr. Carlos Hawkins(@MrCarlosHawkins)


Q1. When did you first begin to get into music?

1. Well it was at a very early age. Around 4 or 5.

Q2. Who are your past and present influences?

2. In the past it was PAC. Big. Jay. Outkast. Southern shit… Now days its experience. Cause most these rappers watered down and made up.

Q3. When did you know your music got the attention of the city?

3. I knew I was buzzing a little when local artist started reaching out. And the response from true fans at shows in the region.

Q4. How would you describe your music to a potential new fan or listener?

4. Refreshing. Something they can listen to without feeling like they can barely relate. Hot! Real. My life story is relative to most black men’s struggles and dreams.

Q5. Where does your motivation and inspiration to do music come from?

5. My motivation comes from pure ambition. I’m inspired by life. My journey. I want what’s right and will feed my family.

Q6. Alabama Music has gotten a lot of attention especially the North Alabama area. What can we do next to the that next level for artists as a whole?

6. Get out the Area. Stop hating on and killing each other. Bullshit gone be poor representation of any city.

Q7. What project(s) are you currently working on?

7. Right now I’m working on the #NoRoomForError Album. And Getting ready to Drop the #PumpFake.


Q8. What goals do you have for your music career for 2015 and beyond?

8. For 2015 I plan to embed myself in the Music scene of the south. Hoping to capture new areas. Beyond that I pray that God gives me my dreams and control over things that have held me back all my life.

Q9. How can people keep track of Carlos Hawkins and your movement?

9. Follow me on Facebook and twitter @MrCarlosHawkins. I.g Carlos_Hawkins  Carlos Hawkins.com

Q10. Any last words or shout outs you would like to give?

10. Man thank God first and foremost. Shout out my Son’s mother for riding 100. My management Street Holocaust who is a blessing in so many ways. My hoods. From Westside Anniston, Grantown to Douglasville cross them tracks. Love y’all. Alabama! Eh and Huntsville and the entire Tenn valley. Much love.


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