DC Unveils Upgraded Line-Up of Suicide Squad

new suicide squad




Suicide Squad has been gaining traction and attention lately through multiple media outlets. A Live Feature Film will be released in 2016-2017 of the villainous team. The live action CW series,Arrow, has used the team as well showcasing DeadShot, Mr. Boomerang, Cupid,Bronze Tiger,etc. Even the animated feature film Assault on Arkham used Suicide Squad as the main characters for the film with Batman playing a his role of course. Now DC has a new upgraded line-up of the Suivide Squad that will feature in Suicide Squad #9. Here are the list of the new line-up.

The new cast will ultimately include:

*Parasite, Superman’s energy-sucking nemesis. Parasite can drain anyone’s energy and use their special abilties and powers after doing so.

* Black Hand, Green Lantern’s undead adversary and primary villain from the highly-successful Blackest Night crossover from 2009. He created an apocalypse in the comics so it will be interesting what he will do with this team.

* Poison Ivy, one of Batman’s leading female rogues. She clearly will be taking the place of Harley Quinn. Just as dangerous and deadly.

* The Reverse Flash, one of Barry Allen’s marquee villains. He’s currently the primary villain on The CW’s The Flash television series. As insane as Reverse Flash has been in past comics, his interaction with the team should be both comical and serious in the same breath.

* Cheetah, Wonder Woman’s murderous arch-rival. Many regard her as Wonder Woman’s “Joker,” or “Lex Luthor.” Very agile sneaky and uses force in a delicate way.

* Talon, a lethal, undead assassin for the Court of Owls. Talon was introduced to the Batman mythos during Scott Snyder’s opening New 52 run on the main Batman title. He was recently featured in the DC Animated feature, Batman Vs. Robin. If there ever was someone to think like Batman, Talon is the one.


This line-up is sounds more suited to face the Justice League and could probably hold their own. Legion of Doom like. This comic will be released in April.

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