Q&A with LV The Voice(@IAmLVtheVoice)

MFR Shoot

Q1. What inspired you to get involved with music?

LV – Well when I was young my uncle Daryl you use to have all the crates with all the greats in them.  I use to steal them and play them when I had the chance and man I fell in love with music right on the spot. I mean everyone loves music but it’s a different feeling when you experience it on a grand level.  After that I use to dance and dj for a few spots even worked at a record shop that got me noticed in the hood.  We were the ones that open a lot of doors for a few major artist now…

Q2. Who were your music inspirations growing up and who are they currently?

LV – My music inspirations are still the same.  Slick Rick, LL Cool J, Heavy D, Jay-z and Kanye West and Russell Simmons.

Q3. How did you get the stage name LV The Voice?

LV – Well The name actually is “LV The Voice of the People” I got that name because when I first start rapping professionally I spoke on Topics that people wouldn’t dare touch. Please I’m not afraid to say what’s on my mind. L. V stands for “Lyrically Versatile “and the rest is History… But I had to make the words in my name shorter because I couldn’t fit the whole thing on songs so there you have it “LV The Voice”


Q4. When did you first begin to take your music seriously and turn it into a career?

LV – When I was about 16 years old I was in a group “Chosen Generation” We were all Singers and Rappers I was The Rapper/Singer and The Doug E Fresh of the Group.  We performed at many talent shows and one. The last one was for Hot 97 and we can in second place. Shortly afterwards we got approached for a record deal. The deal didn’t go through because they need all 6 members of the group present to finish and sign the contract.  So I was hurt and mad. I made promise to myself that from that day one I was going to get that situation again and I’ll work my butt off to achieve that goal.

Q5. What’s been your proudest or most successful moment thus far in your career?

LV – I would have told you my awards I have gotten throughout the years but I have to say its releasing this video and being able to help people.  I think we need to help more and educate more instead of breaking down each other and hating on each other.

Q6. Talk about LuvProductionz. How you got it started and the inspiration behind it.

LV – Well LuvProductionz was established in 1996. I was 16 and it goes back to the story above when I made the promise to achieve my goal of becoming successful. I was always the business type smart, educated and street smarts. I also loved math. All The Dope boys in the hood wanted me to run their operations because I was quick with the numbers and because I knew everyone. One day when I was helping a friend build his non – profit I said shoot why don’t I create my empire while I help you create yours? I didn’t have a name off the head so I said why I don’t use my name and call it Luv Productionz…

lv the voice sex machine

Q7. “Sex Machine” is your current single on iTunes and Google Play. What has been the response of the single?

LV – Well I’ll just say this. People Love the track, women love what is being said in the track my fans love it. I had one person who didn’t like the song all the day. They loved my verse and my stuff but didn’t like the artist I had figured on it. But other than that I think they love it.

Q8. Do you have any project(s) in the works? If so what are they and when will they be released?

LV- I have 3 Projects the first album “Dreams and Fantasies” Summer 2015  the 2nd Album “ I Created The Remix” Spring 2015 and The 3rd Album “ The Last King II ( A Dying Empire)” Winter 2015

Q9. You use social media not just for yourself but to give advice to artists as well. What advice would you give to artists wanting to make the best of their talents and truly make music a career for themselves?

LV – I would say DON’T RUSH take your time and make sure you follow the steps correctly and then get feedback before releasing any track and it have to come from someone not in your circle.. 2nd Trust in yourself and be able to listen to people who are successful in this industry and take their advice good or bad.

Q10. How can people find LV The Voice online and keep track of your movement?

LV – They can find me at the follow:

Twitter, Instagram and facebook (@iamlvthevoice)

iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, MTV.com, Amazon , Xbox Music , Soundcloud and reverbnation etc (LV The Voice)

Follow LV The Voice






Dreams & Fantasies

Q11. Any Final words or shout outs?

LV- Just believe in yourself and know that your Dreams are but a Galaxy away..

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