All-Female Avengers Team, A-Force, Coming to Marvel

AFORCE-1-600x910Marvel announced today that there will be an all female Avengers team coming to the newly rebuilt Marvel Universe called A-Force. With Marvel totally rebuilding the MU as we currently know it with this new Secret Wars event, A-Force will be an interesting title. There are already plenty of female leads for Marvel. They debut a Female Thor last year. The X-Men core is cast of mostly women. Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel are other characters with lead comic titles. A-Force will include She Hulk,Medusa,Ms. Marvel,Jean Grey(Phoenix),Storm,Rogue,Spider-Woman,Wasp,Black Widow,and others. A-Force will debut sometime this summer.

One comment

  1. Well its about time. I know I’ve had discussions with my dirty minded friends when I was 11 that they just don’t need men in comics. We all read for the women. Of course again that’s when I was a kid. Now as an adult I see a different possibility to draw in female readers with situations and strengths that appeal to them, but that probably won’t happen until movie versions of A-Force. Marvel has an uphill battle to get females into comics and it might just end up the T&A fest that my 11 year old self would have loved.

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