Power Rangers Wild Force Star Arrested for Death of Roomate

Ricardo Medina Jr.

Yesterday news got out that Power Rangers Wild Force star, Ricardo Medina,Jr., had been arrested for allegedly stabbing a roomate to death with a sword. This was surprising news to me. He doesn’t come off as the one to do such a thing. Reports are that it was in self-defense after breaking into Medina room while he was with his girlfriend. He was the one that also called 911 as well. Hopefully things will work out for Ricard Medina Jr. and this situation.

Ricardo Medina Jr. played the character Cole on the 10th installment of Power Rangers entitled, Power Rangers Wild Force. He was a part of the 10th Anniversary Episode which featured 10 different Red Rangers. He also came back for Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai where he played a the villainous character called Deker.

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