Q&A with HSV R&B Artist Jai Love(@Love_Always_Jai)

Jai Love
Q1. What were your first memories of music growing up?

A1: My first memories of music growing up was going to rehearsal with my mother. It was with her when I fell in love with singing. My mother was part of a gospel group called the Voices of Zion. They use to travel and do shows everywhere and I was right there with them sometimes singing right along with them.

Q2. Who are your musical influences both past and present?

A2: My musical influences both past and present is, starting with, Mary J Blige. I loved how she keep it raw and real with her music. You could tell she been through some heartache and pain. Also I like how she keep it hood while remaining a r&b singer. She represent the rough side of me. Then I would say Monica because of her humble spirit and I love the way she sings. She represents the soft side of me. She sings about the love that most women long to have in their life. Lastly will be Brandy and Whitney. Brandy because of the uniqueness of her voice. When she sings it draws your attention. I remember listening to her and practicing her runs and to be honest…I still do (laugh). Whitney because of her soulfulness when she sung. I use to get chills listening to Whitney growing up. My favorite song and still today is Exhale (Shoop Shoop). I hate I will never get the chance to meet her in person. I cried like a baby when she died. Rest In Peace Whitney. Each one of these ladies represent a part of me and of course each one of them influences me musical and believe it or not personally as well.

Q3. When did u first realize that music would not just turn into a passion but turn into a career for yourself?

A3: I first realize that music will turn into my career when I had my first experience in the studio with my brother Ced. He taught me the basics. Like how to properly write my songs. How to record so on and so forth. After that I went on by myself experiencing and learning more and more. Eventually somewhere down the line I really decided to make it into a career and today here I am pursuing my dream but it has always been my passion.

Q4. How would you describe your music to a first time listener of Jai Love?

A4: I would describe my music to first time listener as real and raw. Everything a woman feel or has ever felt is in my music. From being hurt by men, friends, or family to being loved by a men, friends, or family. Women are very emotional. You can meet  the hardest woman but i can bet behind closes doors she has cried about a lot of things. I am the voice for those ladies who wish not to share with the world their feelings… if that make sense.

Q5. What influences your music the most? Where does that inspiration comes from to write and make meaningful music?

A5: What influence my music the most is Life in general. Like I said before my music is real and very raw sometimes but its real which is important. I try not to become a character in my music making up fairy tales just so it will sound good to people. I like to speak the truth so when my fans listen to my songs they can relate. Doing so lets my fans know that I’m just like them. I go through the same things they go through. I’m human just like everyone else is. I made mistakes just like everyone has. See what most artist today have lost is being able to mentally connect, in positive way, with their fans. People want to hear what you went through not how you getting money or how many h#%s you have. It seems no one have a heart anymore cause all you hear nowadays and basically how money is over everything. The true value in life have been taken away which is love, friends, family, but most importantly GOD. Its money money money. H#%s H#%s H#%s. Its crazy.

JAI LOVE love cover

Q6. Your latest song “Love” has garner great attention and response from various sources. What was it like writing this track? Did you expect this type of reaction to this song?

A6: Wow!! Honestly writing this track was very emotional for me because its exactly how I feel. You know you hear a lot of people telling you to be patient and love will find you. But when you’re surrounded by friends and family whose in relationships or married and then you log onto your Facebook or IG page and see someone getting engaged, married, or in a new relationship you can’t help but think when will love find me. When I wrote Love I was in a mood where I started to feel like love has forgotten about me and normally when my feelings start to get to me I write them down which is where and how the song was created. I never thought i will get the reaction I did when I released the song. I never would had thought that there will be so many women who felt exactly how I feel. That’s why I keep it real because my fans may think I’m helping them but little do they know their helping me. Its crazy how you can be looking for something not knowing you had  it the whole time. By sharing these emotions about love and asking love not to forget about me. I received more then I asked for and was reminded that God is love. So really while writing a love song it turned out to be an inspirational song as well (laugh)

Q7. What has been your proudest and/or most successful moment so far?

A7: My most proudest and successful moment so far is just being able to be recognized for what I do. I’ve been nominated for two different awards in two different cities and state. I didn’t win but just being nominated was amazing. I have my own mobile app. Online banners all over the internet. This year i went international. My single Love is sold on Amazon Japan and Italy. I have my own station on iHeart  radio and also Love is sold in the Billboards music store. Just to know that a lot of people love my music makes me feel good too. I’m still working and growing in this industry. The best is yet to come. I’m blessed and as long as I keep God first I know there will be more to be proud about.

Q8. What’s next for Jai Love? Any projects? or shows coming? What are your goals for 2015?

A8: What’s next for Jai (laugh)? Well right now I am working on releasing my first EP and Album this year. We’re looking to drop the EP in mid March and the Album in the Summer. I’m super excited about my project too. I have a great team i put together myself to help me make my project a success. I have Isaac, Chasing Concrete, as my photographer, Jurian Isabelle as my videographer, and Jae Donte as my graphic designer. These men are my creative soul mate. When we get together our creative juices flow and magic is created (laugh). Sounds like art love making huh (laugh)?? But you will see exactly what i mean.  On the album I have some great features from K.I.N.G Chris, Miss B, Supa King Big Pope and Mizzle Money with Cees from Mile High engineering all the songs. I would share the Ep/Album name but thats something I haven’t release to the public yet. Just keep an eye out for it (laugh)

Q9. How can the people keep up with you and your movement online?

A9: People can keep up with me at the links below:

jailovemusic.com, which is where they can listen to more of my music.

Q10. Any final words or shout-outs?

A10: My final words will be to everyone out here chasing a dream. Many times I was told that I couldn’t make it in this industry. They told me that it was too many people trying to do the same thing and it was a rare chance I will be one that would.  But because I never gave up or believed anything they said, I made it to where I am today. Never allow anyone to come in and interrupt what God has for you. Keep pushing and keep grinding. Its not going to be easy but with prayer and determination you will make it. Shout out to my team. My friend and manager Chenequa Farrar for supporting me all these years and for being such a great manager and mentor. My PR Scott “FlightKid” Buckner for being great at what you do. He’s the reason I’m worldwide now. To my entire family especially my mother for coaching me and supporting me and my brother Ced with our careers. To all my friends for being front stage and sometimes on stage with me (laugh). Last but not least to my fans. Without you guys support Jai wouldn’t be where she is now. Thank yal so much. I love each and everyone of you all from the bottom of my heart. #BeBless.

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