Director Spotlight: Marvin “MoneyMarv” Cooper(@MoneyMarv)

Director: Marvin “MoneyMarv” Cooper
Production Company: Underground Luxury

Jim Jones, Busta Rhymes, Rascoe Dash, Eric Sermon, Mike Baggz, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, Audi, Love & Hip Hop, Mann E Styles, & More

Here’s the Director’s Reel for @MoneyMarv. A compilation of our achievements, a short preview to our abilities and the content we can provide. All videos shot, edited, and directed by @MoneyMarv & his production company “UnderGround Luxury”. Thank you to all the clients for their interest in working with us and the supporters that have supported the company. We look forward in working with you on your future projects. Contact Marvin “MoneyMarv” Cooper at or (646) 847-9592 to book your next video, commercial or any special events.
Contact Marvin “MoneyMarv” Cooper:
Phone: (646) 847-9592

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